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Volunteer In Nepal A Majestic Experience

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The royal kingdom
of Nepal (though Nepal recently became a democratic
nation), is the only Hindu country in the world. Nestled in the lap of the
majestic Himalayas, Nepal
shares borders with two of the fastest growing economies in the world – India and China. A natural wonder, this tiny
nation is very diverse both in geographical as well as cultural sense, and
offers many amazing and wonderful natural sights. With colorful festivals,
incomparable natural bounty, warmth, hospitality, and plenty of fresh mountain
air, Nepal
is a land of volunteering opportunities. Not only does volunteering in Nepal
promise a rewarding and enriching experience, it also offers you the rare
chance to explore the beautiful Himalayan kingdom while serving the poor, the
women, and giving the people of this country hope for a better tomorrow.


Why Volunteer In Nepal

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Volunteering in Nepal is a once in a lifetime
opportunity for all of you who wish to undertake a meaningful journey and do
their bit towards making this world a better place for all. With numerous
volunteer work opportunities such as serving poor children and women, teaching
languages, working on health projects, conservation work, etc., you will get to
spend time in three of the bustling cities of Nepal
– Kathmandu (capital), Pokhara, and Chitwan.
Of course, volunteering in Nepal
requires you to be patient, open-minded, and humble when interacting and
working with the locals.


Types Of Projects Available

Though there are several volunteer programs available in
Nepal, some of the most common ones (which have a higher demand for volunteers)
are supporting local orphanages, local schools, teaching English, and working
with health centers. Almost all volunteering in Nepal
projects are available in Chitwan, Pokhara, and Kathmandu.


As a part of volunteering in Nepal, you have the opportunity to
choose the kind of project you are interested to volunteer in. The different
types of volunteer projects available in Nepal include:


Teaching English: This volunteering in Nepal program requires, volunteers
to be placed in various local schools to teach conversation and reading level
English to Nepali children. Just as English is an important skill for a good
job placement in the world, Nepal
is no different. The requirement of English speaking work force is on the rise
in the country. To teach Nepali children English, you don’t require any formal
teaching qualification. However, you do need a good command of spoken as well
as written English, lot of patience, and unquenchable enthusiasm.


Children’s Homes: In Nepal, volunteers will get the
opportunity to act as a big brother or sister to many of the Nepali orphans who
live in orphanages across the country. You will also be required to help with
cleaning, gardening, doing repairs, planning activities etc.


Health Education: Health education volunteering in Nepal
means working closely with children’s homes. The key focus area is on
preventative measures by educating Nepali children about regular basic health
check-ups, administering necessary childhood immunizations, personal hygiene,
and sanitation as a disease prevention method. For this program, you need to be
either a medical student or an advanced degree holder in medicine.


Community Maintenance Program: This involves practical
application in village settings. Some of the community maintenance projects
include painting or plastering, however, those of you with additional skill
sets can help in more advanced work. You’ll get to work alongside villagers,
learning about traditional methods of building and working.


Home Stay/Cultural Exchange: A short volunteering program,
this is also a wonderful way to get the best value out of your time in Nepal.
You will be staying with a Nepali family in a small rural village or even
within a city. During the duration of your stay you will learn about all
aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, food, as well as attend couple of hours
of language sessions twice in the day.


Volunteer Requirements

The two most important requirements for volunteering in Nepal


•           Age – 18
years or older

•           Health – no
major health problems


Volunteering in Brazil programs is open to
participants from all over the world and to individuals, families, and couples.


Fee and Other details

There are fees attached for every volunteering project you
opt for. The fee is charged in advance and is applied for accommodation,
food/meals, travel insuranceFree Web Content, etc. The project coordinator takes care of most
of your needs as a volunteer in Nepal
throughout the duration of the project that varies from 7 days to 4 weeks.



Volunteering in Nepal is your
chance to learn a new culture as well as contribute toward the society.

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