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Top 5 Best Floor Fans for Summer

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There are situations when a floor fans is more effective than a wall or ceiling fan. Due the summer, the ceiling gets heated up and therefore, if you have a ceiling fan, the air circulated will be hot air.

Besides, if the ceiling is high up, the air circulation will not be proper. With a wall fan, you can cool only a specific area, and it is not movable. However, a floor fan is movable, and you can direct the breeze in any direction you want. The following list contains the top 10 best floor fans of different types.

List Of Top 5 Best Floor Fans in 2020

1. Master Basket Cradle Floor Fans

Floor Fans

Industries and factories often have hot temperatures due to continuous dust and smoke. This is an ideal floor fan for work spaces, industries, and garages. It comes with a solid body made of steel.

The adjustable tilt works to give the air floor in all the sides of the home. Further, the solid rubber wheels make it easy for you to move this fan from one room to another.

Moreover, the floor fan comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It can give airflow maximum up to the capacity of 6000 CFM. Apart from that, the black color of this fan also does not get dirty due to dust or smoke or pollutants.

Reasons To Buy

  • High performance with direct-drive motor.
  • Steel construction for long lasting use.
  • Portable design and high coverage.

2. MaxxAir Professional Floor Blower

MaxxAir Professional

You can place this compact floor fan anywhere in the home. It includes rugged construction so that you can easily use it in offices and homes. Further, the long power cord simplifies the task of storage as well as maintenance. The tilt will also help you to move fans in your direction.

In addition to that, the portable fan is easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of the motor of this fan. The fan has a silent operation, and you can get a nice sleep. Furthermore, the powerful blades move faster to give you better airflow. You can easily clean and store this compact floor fan.

Reasons To Buy

  • Heavy-duty performance and compact design.
  • Easy to use with custom airflow.
  • Built-in cord for a clean look.

3. XPOWER Professional-Grade Air Circulator

XPOWER Professional

This is the modern era floor fan you can buy for homes, offices, industries or shops. With advanced motor, this fan gives better performance and effective airflow. It can provide air up to a large area both in a downward and upward direction. The adjustable speeds will also help to get the speed according to your needs.

Further, this portable fan is easy to carry in the cars. Moreover, the fan comes with a timer so that you don’t have to wake up at night to turn off the fan.

It also brings down electricity bills and works faster than traditional floors. This fan is perfect for homes, offices, garages, and work spaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • Directional airflow and energy-efficient performance.
  • 4-speed controllers for a custom experience.
  • Better coverage with 360-degree rotation.

4. Comfort Zone Belt-Drive Drum Fan

Comfort Zone

This is the large industrial floor fan that can throw up to a large area. It comes with strong aluminum blades that circulate the air in an effective way. They do not rust or corrode in monsoon or winter season. Moreover, this floor fan does not make noise that disturbs your night sleep.

Further, the fan comes with rubber wheels. You can move this floor fan from one room to another in a comfortable way. It has a grounded power cord to make storage better and easier in any room.

The fan is also simple to install without professional help. It works for many hours to cool the work space and industries and offices.

Reasons To Buy

  • ETL certification and safe to use.
  • High performance and easy to assemble.
  • Rubber wheels for easy portability.

5. Vornado Air Circulator Fan

Vornado Air 

Do hot temperatures ruin your study mood? You can now purchase this stylish floor fan for your study room. It comes with Vortex technology that helps in effective air circulation in the full home.

This floor fan is rust-resistant and waterproof, and you can use it any weather.

In addition to that, the heavy-duty motor of this floor fan does not need frequent oiling. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable handle to carry to any place while going to picnics and trips. Because of the long power cord, you can also store this floor fan in any corner of the home.

The design of this appliance is done according to safety standards.

Reasons To Buy

  • Enclosed motor for better protection.
  • Safe to use and compact housing.
  • Outstanding performance and white application.
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