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The benefits of a link building service

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Link building is one of the most important things any
website owner can do to improve their websites ranking in Google, Yahoo! and
MSN Bing.  However, building quality
links to your website isn’t as easy as it seems.  You may wish to consider hiring a SEO firm
that offers a link building service to get the job done.

One important aspect to consider with a link building
service is the quality of links they build. 
A company that offers to build hundreds or even thousands of links for
two or three hundred dollars is one to avoid, the reason for this is link
quality.  Search engines judge the value
of each backlink differently.  If you
want your website to really rise in the rankings then you need your links to be
quality links.  One high quality backlink
can often have the impact of more than 100 poor quality backlinks.  There are a number of reasons for this but
the two biggest are website authority and webpage content. 

Website authority refers to what Google, Yahoo! and MSN Bing
think of the website.  A good link
building service will focus on getting links from a variety of website with
high authority.  One way to get a general
idea of a websites authority is too look at its PageRank.  PageRank is a Google term that assigns a
numeric rating to a webpage.  A webpage
with a 10 would be considered the highest authority and a webpage with a 0 the
lowest.  You can find the PageRank of a
page by downloading the Google toolbar and turning on the PageRank option.  

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The content of a page also has a significant impact on the
strength of a link.  Your link building
service should do more than just throw up random links anywhere it can. The
link should come from a webpage with content about your product or service.  The keywords you want to rank for should be
an integral part of the webpage.  The
reason for this is that search engines do everything they can to determine the
reason for the link.  They don’t just
assume that because one website is linking to another website that the two are
related.  Search engines read the text on
the webpage to get an idea of what the link is about.  A link from webpage with a lot of text
related to your product or service is going to carry a lot more weight than a
link from a webpage with nothing to do with your product or service. 

Bottom line, when looking for a quality link building
service, you should look for one that provides quality links over quantity
links.  Both are important, but as far as
SEO is concernedBusiness Management Articles, quality counts more than quantity.  A good link building service should be able
to provide you with examples of the types of links they build.  From that you should be able to look at the
content accompanying the link and the source of the link.

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