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Oil Change Coupons – Why Prices Vary so Much

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It seems as if every car repair shop and service center sends out oil change coupons on a regular basis. You may wonder why the prices seem to be widely varied from one place to another. There are many possible reasons that some service centers are able to offer oil changes at a lower price than others. One factor affecting the price is the speed of service.Oil change coupons from general car repair shops typically offer lower prices than coupons from quick-lube stations. Businesses that specialize in speedy oil changes can usually get the job done in less than thirty minutes, but you often have to pay a little more for the faster service. These companies provide a basic oil change without the additional benefit of a vehicle inspection. They may check the fluids and tire pressure, but they commonly do not perform a detailed inspection. Even with a coupon, you usually have to pay more for fast service than you might if you are willing to wait a little longer.Car shops that offer various types of maintenance usually offer lower-price oil change coupons. For a smaller cost, you will probably spend about an hour waiting for the oil change to be completed. If the shop is very busy, you may have to leave your vehicle overnight and come back the next day. Some of these businesses are so busy every day that you must schedule an appointment for an oil change. However, these companies provide a more comprehensive level of service, which may include free tire rotation and a courtesy check of some of the car’s components. They will usually check the battery, fluids, air filter, belts and hoses. Many places will also perform a visual brake inspection and let you know if you will need new brake pads soon. This type of preventive maintenance can help you save money on expensive car repairs later.Occasionally, you may find oil change coupons in the newspaper offering deals that seem too good to be true. These super savings offers sometimes come from car dealerships looking to draw your business away from the more common repair and quick-lube shops. In most cases, you can take your car to the dealership with the great coupon even if you did not purchase it there. If you did buy the car there, you can have the oil changed during the same visit as another warranty repair. The downside to going to the dealership is that you may have to wait a couple hours just for the oil change to be done. This may be because they are performing a wide variety of repairs on other vehicles before they can get to yours. The long wait might also be because they perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection along with the oil change. To attract business from people who prefer fast service, many dealerships now separate oil change services from other repairs and maintenance. They operate facilities similar to quick-lube shops, so you can get in and out faster, but without a detailed inspection.Deciding where to go for an oil change really depends on what matters more to you-speedy service or lower price. With such a variety of oil change coupons, it can be difficult to choose a place. It can be very beneficial to go to only one car shop for all your maintenance needs, if you do not mind the wait.
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