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London’s No, 1 ‘Secret Cinema’ Club

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A bit bored of your local Cinema? Well how about catching your favorite film in a London bar or pub.

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There is a growing trend in London whereby a pub or bar transforms for the night into a secret cinema club showing cult classics and modern movies on a screen so you can enjoy a nice pint of beer to wash down your popcorn. It is an intimate and good alternative to the multiplex screen.

Secret Cinema is a London-based entertainment company that specialises in immersive film and television events. 

I was with my girlfriend one night out in Clapham after a very nice meal with friends at the Tsunami Sushi restaurant. We decided to have a quick night cap to finish off a lovely evening and headed to The Belle Vue pub close to Clapham Common.

It was a Sunday evening, around 8pm, and was pleasantly surprised as we stumbled through the door.

Expecting the standard pub atmosphere of chat, laughter and pints being pulled, instead we were greeted by what appeared to be a secret cinema club! People were transfixed to a large screen, watching the cult classic Top Gun movie.

Not a word was spoken as people held pints of lager in one hand and dipped into their popcorn with their right!

We were blown away by this cool event that we had just by chance come across. After speaking to the bar manager I understand that this was a new trend sweeping across London.

Where pubs and bars transform for a night into a cinema. In order to add some freshness to the pub and bar world, they are turning to movie nights at bars. It’s a fantastic idea and adds a new spin to going to your local pub.

The film nights at London pubs can vary, but mostly film be showing cult classic films that you haven’t seen for years but put a big smile upon your face. It’s a great opportunity to go out with your friends and get together to have a laugh watching a movie in a unique and intimate space.

For me it combines two great loves of mine, movies and beer!

After my first London bar movie night experience I was keen for more. I did a bit of research on the internet and discovered there quite a few other London bars putting on movie nights.

The next one I checked out was The Roxy in London Bridge. This is a really cool bar that doubles up as a cinema screening. They put on all sorts of independent films as well as cult classics.

There is a fantastic screen at the back of the bar with sofas and arm chairs for you to sit back in whilst enjoying the movie. They serve food and drink whilst you watch the movie so it really is a fantastic place to watch a film in London.

Another fantastic film night at a London bar that I found was at The Grand Union in Brixton. This bar has one of the best beer gardens in London and throughout the spring and summer they put on movie nights in the garden.

They have a huge screen in the beer garden so you can sit outside and watch films, enjoying the warm weather whilst sipping on a cocktail as the movie beams out.

This is one of my favorite film nights at a London bar. They put on a cult movies so expect films like Cool Running’s, Top GunFree Reprint Articles, Scream and Taxi Driver.

These London pub film nights are popping up all over London so keep your eye out for more London bar film nights and let me know if you find them!

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