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Car Repair: Fighting Back Against Bad Shops

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So many complaints get filed against car repair shops every year that it has turned into one of those things everyone simply “knows.” Mechanics are just above lawyers when it comes to their popular reputations. People dread taking their vehicles to an unknown shop because they think they are about to get taken for a ride. While the reputation may far exceed the reality (the fact is that there are many good, honest shops in every town) there is some truth to it after all. If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of being ripped off, here are some things you can do to fight back.The first thing you want to do is avail yourself of knowledge. Before you can bring the law into it, after all, you have to know the law. This is beyond the scope of an article, as consumer laws will be different from state to state. Some states have extremely strong consumer protection laws on the books, giving most of the power to the people. Other states land squarely in the corner of the business sector, where you will see that you have fewer rights than you may have thought. Whichever is the case, take note of the laws that pertain to your particular situation, including the laws governing written estimates and other relevant factors.Next, figure out exactly where the problem is stemming from. Do you believe the car repair shop is maliciously trying to get one over on you, or is it a matter of two opposing viewpoints, each of them believing the other is wrong? The first situation may seem like the easier course, considering you know you are in the right and should be able to go through legal solutions to settle the matter. But things are of course never as simple as they seem and court costs and lawyer fees can add up quickly. If the source of the problem is a misunderstanding on one or both parties parts, then a resolution should be attainable if you are willing to hear their argument and they yours.Try everything in your power to allow the car repair shop to make things right before you take your problem to the media or to the court system. In most cases, a business wants to help their customers leave satisfied. If your demands are unreasonable or the shop is really trying to screw you over, this of course won’t end positively without getting someone else involved. For that matter, make very sure you are in the right before you move on to other channels. If necessary, discuss the situation with someone else in the industry. Make sure you explain everything just as it happened so you can get a fair and unbiased opinion about whether or not you have a right to be angry.Finally, if you are certain you’re right and you want to go forward with it, take the shop to court. You can go through small claims court in many instances and present your evidence and the facts to a judge. This may be your best resolution in the end.

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