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Why Big Screen TVs Or Cinema Hall?

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Who didn’t like watch football match in Big Screen TV at home with friends and family. There are a large number of people who wants to see movie in a big multiplex.

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The Creation of Video Cassettes For a long time, the one problem with both cinema and TV is that you needed to watch a film at a specific time.

Cause of interest on Big Screen TV

With the invention of home video systems such as VHS and Betamax, movie fans were able to either record films from the TV or rent films from a video library.

The only problem was, the video quality of these cassettes was still far inferior to that offered by the cinema screen.

The Rise of DVDs Once the DVD was invented, home video quality took a giant leap forward. DVD meant that anyone could watch very high quality digital video at home.

Unlike VHS tapes for example, DVDs didn’t wear out or degrade over time, as long as you didn.t get the discs scratched.

Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s, the DVD was the king of the entertainment world.

The only problem was, unless you had an extremely Big Screen TV and a very expensive sound system, you still wouldn’t get the same experience as the cinema.

The Home Cinema Experience Nowadays, the true home cinema experience is becoming much more of a reality for many people, as they buy Big Screen TV and high quality speakers.

For example, with a plasma TV screen of 50 inches or more, and being sat closer to the screen than you would be in a cinema, you are going to get a very cinematic feel.

And you won;t miss having someone sat behind you who won”t stop talking through every scene while you watch Cinema in Big Screen TV at your own home.

Why You Should Still Visit the Cinema However, even with home cinema quality jumping forwards in leaps and bounds, don’t you think there are still something missing?

Going out of the cinema is just something special. It is an excuse to go out and meet your friends, rather than staying in by yourself. Now a day you can use movable arm for your Big Screen TV to watch from every corner.

And let’s face it: in all honesty, the experience in Big Screen TV at home really isn’t quite as good as the full blown cinema experience, is it?

Reasons to Stay at Home To Watch Your Films, The only problem with visiting the cinema is that it costs you more money and time than it does to just stay at home with a DVD.

Also, at home, you can watch movies in your Big Screen TV whenever you feel like it; you don’t have to stick to strict times. You can also eat your own food.

Just relax and watch your favourite movie while eating your dinner in your Big Screen TV.

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